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Chess XP is a two player chess game developed using C programming language. It has some special features such as auto save, save and restore game, undo move, pause game, selection and movement color, individual timer for each player, image based help, attractive GUI etc.

[Download] [89.4 KB]

Universal Calendar

Universal Calendar developed using C programming language which provides monthly calendar from 1AD to 99999AD. It highlights the holidays. By default it loads the calendar of current month with highlighting the current date. It facilitates searching the calendar of a given month. A running analog and digital clock shows the current time.

[Download] [140.5 KB]

Folder Security

Folder Security developed using Visual Basic which is responsible for lock/unlock folders in Windows environment. No need any kind of installation. It sets individual password for individual folder. If a locked folder is moved from one place/system to another, it is also possible to unlock that folder using this software from that place/system.

[Download] [436.7 KB]

Daily Account

Daily Account helps to store and retrieve your daily accounts information such as expenditure, deposit and balance. You can protect your account information using password. It is my first project using C programming language and Visual Basic.

[Download] [818.8 KB]

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